This wiki was published at the request of the I.S.C, to release all relevant information on the “Little Universe”, it’s society, and the inhabitants that live reside within it. Per guidelines with I.S.C article 4(A); the public has the right to Information and the right to request Information, exceptions may include: wartime, military and Intelligence, and grade 5 and higher Information.

Information on this article has been translated from it’s original written language. Classified Information grade 5 and higher has been encrypted by the request of the Public Safety Council, a passcode available to “special status” members upon request is required to unlock the attended article.

Basic Information

Little Universe is the term given to sectors 44-200 (b.o 10 ) of the mosio group, 1-44 (b.o 10 ) belonging to minor associated races which partake as “observers” within the I.S.C. Because of it’s confined location in the universe (1000 l.y ), Little Universe existed as a primarily peaceful and isolated society with the exception of hard coded tachyons as an existing communication means with distant societies.

The I.S.C, which exists as the sole governing council was created on cycle 39, year 8, following 17 years of negotiation. The “In lever ” was constructed on cycle 144, year 12, and completed on cycle 146, year 5, which provided the I.S.C, and the inhabitants of the little universe to transport between the andromeda and cole galaxies.

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